Angel City Ensemble 

Angel City Trio

The Angel City Ensemble is a group of veteran musicians
who are part the vibrant Los Angeles music scene.
Together they perform an eclectic mix of songs
that bring the perfect addition to any event.

From Sam Cooke to Adele


Lisa Creahan


Born in Alaska and raised in Taiwan, the Philippines and Florida, Lisa grew up singing in choirs, bands and musicals. She received her BFA in Musical Theatre Performance from Roosevelt University in Chicago, where she was fortunate to perform with some great theaters. She put professional performance on the back burner to raise her two beautiful children. After moving to Los Angeles, she returned to music with acoustic sets and vocal recordings, many of which have been featured on TV. Bring it on Home to Me was featured on 90210 with Keaton Simons and Nothing Can Change this Love was featured on TV's Arrow. She is thrilled to be working in music again.


Roy Hardinge

Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals

Roy’s influences on stringed instruments are many and varied –  Hendrix, Clapton, Johnny Winter and Mark Knopfler. Those and many others helped him to hone his electric guitar style. When Roy plays acoustic guitar, you might hear some throwbacks to Ed Gerhard, Mike Dowling, and Tommy Emanuel.  Orville Johnson, Jerry Douglass, Rob Ickes and Michael Witcher have all had a hand in helping him develop his lap style reso chops.  Finally, on mandolin there is Roland White. All of those influences have mixed together to manifest themselves into the Noral Roy style that you’ll hear in his original recorded music and when he’s playing with Live LRG Trio as well as with the four piece band, The Towels, his all-original rock band, Hidden Agenda, or with his duo, The Noral Twins.


Gary Krolak

Fretless and Fretted Basses, Vocals

Gary played professionally for over 20 years in Chicago before relocating to Los Angeles. Highlights of his career include touring all throughout the United States as well as touring in Canada, Japan, and the Caribbean. He has been a Gibson endorsee, and a recording artist for Rounder, Waterbug, Ten*0*Nine, BlueJazz, and Redwing Records. Gary has also been the bassist on numerous radio and television spots and has played or recorded with Sunnyland Slim, Bo Diddley, Sam Lay, Tad Robinson, Billy Boy Arnold, Mojo Buford, Big Shoulders, Kat Eggleston, The Otters, and Dona Oxford



Girl Crush
Gold Dust Woman
You Know I'm No Good
Sweet Child of Mine
Fly Like an Eagle


Black Coffee
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